Law Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement:

Our patrol car light bars are so bright, motorists squint as they drive by not paying attention to the officer who may be standing in front of the vehicle. Our Body Beacon will provide lights on our duty belts providing a better chance being seen.

Community Policing :

The general public complain they don’t see us patrol, but our Body Beacon will bring more attention to your presence. This is especially important during public events and specialized enforcement checkpoints .

Civil Disorder:

Organize skirmish lines and arrest teams by different colored Body Beacons. This will enable large mobilizations to identify with agencies they are unfamiliar with and provide Command staff a better situational awareness in the field.

Marine and Mounted Units:

Our Body Beacons can be worn with personal flotation devices and used with throw ropes to enhance the survivor’s chance of rope retrieval. Our Mounted Units can wear Body Beacons to identify their respective assignments during civil disorder incidents and protect our four legged partners from vehicular traffic during operations.

Bicycle and Motors Units:

Wearing Body Beacons will enhance the operator’s safety during their respective assignments. Most bicycle and motor units have assumed  a larger responsibility in vehicular and pedestrian traffic assignments. Operating on narrow roadways and walkways require the public to yield more quickly and being seen during these times is crucial.