About Us

I am a 25 year law enforcement veteran. I served ten years as a SWAT Operator and another seven years as a Commander of a Counter-terrorism/ Civil Disorder Unit.  I was also a Volunteer Firefighter, Underwater Search and Rescue Diver and E.M.T.  With that experience and training I created Rescue Leaders.

Rescue Leaders is an innovative public safety product company. I understand the dangers that exist and we are dedicating ourselves to minimize those risks by creating products  to keep you safe. I know how it feels to be on a motor vehicle stop and to have the wind of a vehicle blow off my hat or packing up for a working house fire and not being able to see in the dense smoke, or holding neck stabilization at an accident scene as the traffic nearly brushes against you.  I have seen drivers who want their two seconds of prime view of the carnage at a accident scene and meanwhile they aren’t paying attention to anyone conducting their business at the scene.

Rescue Leader’s public safety products provide patented emergency lighting to all disciplines of Emergency Services and private sector partners. The Body Beacon is the tip of the spear of new LED lighted belt keepers. This exclusive belt keeper illuminates our rescuers to minimize injuries from being struck by vehicles, it helps organize responses, it illuminates patients, and it increases visibility in the theater of operations. Our modern line of products promote safety, efficiency, and effective mitigation of any incident or event and lowering liability at the same time.

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