Fire / EMS



The Body Beacon is an LED Lighted belt keeper that can attach to a piece of equipment or people we need to protect.  Firefighters and victims will be able to quickly identify each others location by seeing a bright LED light flashing .

Operations and Command can immediately identify firefighter’s assignment by looking at the color of the Body Beacon attached to the SCBA. Colors can be assigned to the Engine, Rescue, Truck Companies or Squad assignments.

The Body Beacon can attach to : Helmets, SCBA, Entry locations, Equipment, radio straps, supply lines in the roadway, any important item or area that needs to be designated.

A green Body Beacon can identify the Incident Commander if he/she steps away from the Command Post. (I.C.S.  Compliance)

Triage: EMT’s would run a triage tag through a Body Beacon and illuminate the beacon after the patient is assessed. The Body Beacon can be attach to the patient without a belt keeper by securing the rubberized wing onto the rear hook. Incident Commanders can look and identify and confirm by the illuminated beacons the amount of patients and the severity of injuries. This visual assessment creates a more effective and efficient manner to mitigate an incident. As you well know, saving time save lives!

Keep firefighters safe while working efficiently and effectively while lowering liability is the bottom line. This is especially true when Firefighters are off the apparatus and on the roadways conducting their business.

The Body Beacon’s housing is made of a self extinguishing material that has a non drip melt point at 550 F.. It is waterproof to IP66 standards, and has a USB rechargeable battery that lasts approximately 8 hours of continuous flash on a full charge.



The Body Beacon’s primary platform is constructed from the belt keeper used in everyday holding our utility belt to our pant belt. The Body Beacon snaps into the keeper and has a secondary clasp that wraps around the beacon with its rubberized wings. This makes you the emergency vehicle and creates a safer work environment after you leave your vehicle.

The Body Beacon also can be used in conjunction with the triage tag. After the patient is assessed, the triage tag is run through the Body Beacon’s rubberized wings. The proper color coded Body Beacon illuminates the patient and then it’s time to move to the next patient. Supplemental help arrives and takes the patient to the appropriate location based on the patients triage level. This was easily determined by the bright blinking Body Beacon. Incident Commanders can determine the amount of resources needed to mitigate the event more effectively, potentially saving time which you and I know saves lives.

The Body Beacon can attach to objects with the belt keeper and without! For example the Body Beacon could attach to stretchers, or generators, or even to door knobs so other members of your team know where to find you. Any time a reflective vest is worn a Body Beacon should too! We create light not just reflect it, and your safety always comes first.