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NEXT GENERATION BODY BEACONS NOW AVAILABLE! Steady Burn Body Beacons are now shipping...click here to see them in action!


Our patented Body Beacon creates light to enhance the safety of the user. Too often our first responders are on the side of the roadways helping others and the motorists have little to no warning that they are there.  This makes them vulnerable to being struck as the drivers strain to see them.
Rescue Leaders utilizes belt keepers that have been in service for over a 100 years.  We created our own belt keepers that attach to the Body Beacon to illuminate the user or  to illuminate an important piece of equipment to avoid a catastrophic collision.
Certain organizations or jobs require a user to wear a reflective vest or clothing during their performance of their duties and this is an important safety device. However, if there is no light to reflect the user is still at risk. The Body Beacon creates light and enhances the reflective vest safety features. This is why Rescue Leaders wants you to “Be the Light in the Darkness”.